About us

The Collective Works of Berek

Jack Zyman started BEREK over 40 years ago. His inspiration for "art you can wear" sweaters originated during a trip to remote South American villages where he spotted colorful hand knit sweaters. This quickly became identified as the BEREK signature product: “statement” sweaters that enable the wearer to identify herself with a particular theme. At this point Jack had no way of knowing that his vision would acquire a lasting reputation as the originator of the hand knit novelty sweater. BEREK sweaters were introduced in 1977 and immediately generated a “ revolution in the fashion world.” After all of these years, the name BEREK continues to be held in the highest esteem among those who know and collect "art you can wear" sweaters.

BEREK produces sweater knits, tops, jackets, dresses, handbags, pajamas, t-shirts, shoe bags, spa wraps, velour suits, home furnishing accessories, and more… An outstanding team of specialty designers, headed by Jill Rogers, designs the products. The design team travels to Europe and other parts of the world for new ideas. They combine various yarns, 3D embellishments, hand embroidery, and labor-intensive beadwork to keep BEREK at the forefront of the industry. The designs tell stories through the themes they explore. Each artistic motif is expressed through the prism of an individual designer’s life experience incorporating popular trends.